DropArray System: An Innovative Platform for Blood and Immune Cell Assays
Assay suspension cells with the same flexibility and confidence as adherent cells, minimizing cell loss and conserving reagents and cells.

The Curiox DropArray platform is quickly becoming the go-to system for cellular assays. Through an innovative liquid-exchange washing process, researchers can effectively run wash-based assays on wall-less plates, conserving cells and reagents while minimizing cell loss during the course of the assay.

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Watch the DropArray platform in action and see how easily it fits into your workflow!
  • Enables use of poorly adherent and suspension cells like B, T, PBMCs and bone marrow cells for challenging applications.
  • Save precious cells and reagents by culturing as little as 100 cells per droplet on the DropArray Microplate.
  • Avoid stressing or losing cells by eliminating centrifugation and plate coating steps.
  • Compatible with all standard pipettes and dispensers to maintain cost effectiveness.
  • Flexible cell detection with imaging, flow, luminescence and other downstream applications.