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DA-96-wellSeeing is believing.
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The Curiox DropArray Plate vs. Traditional Plate Technology

(A) Incubation method principle in traditional plate (left) and DA-Bead Plate (right). Beads are freely floating with shaking in traditional well at 75µl volume vs. beads are fixed in a 15 µl drop in DA-Bead Plate by a magnet below the well and shaken.
(B) Washing method principle in traditional plate (left) and DA-Bead Plate (right). Magnet array with traditional plate either super packs beads at the side of a traditional well or keep beads as a monolayer resulting in aspiration of beads and/or incomplete washing with the nozzle/pipet based dispenser. Conversely, DA-Bead Plate magnet configuration maintains beads as a monolayer (right) resulting in complete washing with gentle laminar flow and minimal residual wash buffer leftover.

What have you been missing?
Realize better Luminex or Singulex assays with
DropArray™ Wall-less Plate Technology

Better reproducibility from standard assays

Eliminate bead clumping

More data. Less sample & reagent

Minimal change to current workflow

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Overcoming Challenges with Analyte Detectability and Consistency in Complex Matrixes Using Luminex Multiplex Assays: A Case Study Using Curiox DA-Bead Wall-less Plate Technology.