Maximize Data Quality. Minimize Reagent Consumption.
DA-96-wellDropArray Microplates enable easy and convenient miniaturization of cell- or Luminex® assays by 5-10 fold with minimal optimization and without compromising data quality. Researchers can easily conserve reagents, beads and precious samples — providing measurable cost savings — all while maintaining assay quality and sensitivity. The DropArray platform is a valuable tool to help optimize protocols and expand assay capabilities.

Application Traditional Microplate Challenges DropArray Platform Advantages
Luminex Assays Beads and assay reagents are expensive, limiting data output. The majority of beads, which are very costly, are wasted unnecessarily. Miniaturization with the DA-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by >60% without compromising quality or sensitivity.
Suspension Cell Assays
B and T Cell Assays
PBMC Assays
Bone Marrow Cell Assays
Immuno-oncology Assays
Extensive cell loss during media changes, washings and screening can cause unreliable and inconsistent results, making many assays unfeasible. Gentle, low-velocity liquid exchange 'on-plate' helps retain cells and consistency for all protocols involving washing.
The liquid lid sealing fluid eliminates evaporation, while allowing efficient gas exchange.
High Content Assays Multi-step staining procedures add a huge (unsustainable) expense. Minimizing cell use helps drastically reduce antibody and reagent costs, up to 90%.
iPS/Stem Cell and
Differentiation Cell Assays
Scarce cells are expensive and hard to come by in large quantities. Minimizes cell use — use as little as 250 cells per well to preserve precious cells.