DA-Cell Technology for Flow Cytometry

Curiox Webinar Replay:
Luminex® Cytokine Assay on Wall-Less Plates: Direct Comparison to Conventional Plate Assay in an Ascaris suum Immunogenicity Study.

Curiox Webinar Replay:
Multiplex Biomarker Assays Using the Luminex Miniaturization Approach: A Case Study with Patient Samples from Immunotherapy

Curiox Webinar Replay:
Miniaturization of Luminex Cytokine Multiplexing Assay

Curiox Webinar Replay:
Vaccine Response

Luminex Technology with DA-Bead Plate:
Milliplex Assays

Curiox LT Washing Station:
Unpacking and Dummy Wash

Preparation of Humidified Chamber

Preparation of Anti-Evaporation Lid