Introducing New DA-Cell™ Technology for Improved Flow Cytometry

Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.

The DA-Cell Platform is a breakthrough innovation device with a uniquely designed wall-less plate that utilizes the same DropArray technology from our original DA-Bead plate while incorporating additional patented features that allow for laminar-flow washing with a 96-well dual nozzle washer. Cells can be gently washed with this novel centrifuge-less process offering significant benefits over the traditional centrifuge method for flow cytometry applications.

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DA-Cell enables >95% cell retention and results in superior data over microtiter plates/centrifugation

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Direct HTS acquisition by flow cytometer on DA-Cell

Equivalent acquisition efficiency and stability as U-bottom plate

Efficient cell mixing even with low cell concentration

Mouse splenocytes (250,000 cells) seeded per well of DA-Cell plate with accessory grid or U-bottom plate, and volume topped up, brought to 150uL with FACS buffer. Cells were acquired by HTS on BD Celesta flow analyzer, and gated for lymphocytes by FSC-SSC scattering. (Acquisition speed: 1.0uL/s. Mixing volume: 100uL. Mixing speed: 100uL/s. No. of mixes: 5

Placement of grid increases volume per well for efficient cell mixing by HTS probe

Washing Whole Blood Without a Centrifuge – Human and Mouse

Lysing and washing red blood cells using traditional microtiter plates or tubes may result in significant cell loss and damage.

There is now a better way to lyse RBCs while achieving clean antibody staining and lysis as good as or better than traditional methods. The new DA-Cell™ system offers centrifuge-less blood lysis and leukocyte washing on a single platform, with efficient RBC and debris removal. Whole blood lysis performed by DA-Cell has similar leukocyte retention compared to lysis with centrifugation, whether enumerated by CD45 staining or FSC-SSC scattering

The scatter plot above is derived from human whole blood lysed and stained on DA-Cell™ vs. Microtiter plate vs. FACS tube (L to R).

The scatter plot above is derived from mouse blood with TER119 vs. CD45 using DA-Cell™ vs. Microtiter plate vs. FACS tube (L to R).
Note the clean staining using DA-Cell.

DA-Cell lets you achieve:

  • Consistency by reducing variation from manual handling
  • Time savings by completing cell washing in 3 minutes
  • Reduced cell stress due to no centrifugation
  • Easy integration into your lab automation