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Laminar Wash™ Systems are the Future of Automated Suspension Cell Assays.

Curiox easily enables cost-effective and easy automation of flow cytometry assays with Laminar Wash™ technology.  (Laminar Wash systems are formerly known as DA-Cell)

Check out how Laminar Wash systems replace centrifugation completely in handling cells:

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Learn how a CAR-T cell therapy biotech company improves data by the automation of a part of their flow cytometry assay. They saw improved consistency and are planning full automation using a Laminar Wash system.
Download the full set of slides describing Adicet Bio’s improved consistency and their automation plans using a Laminar Wash system.

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat:
Exploring the Benefits of Flow Cytometry Workflow Simplification with the DA-Cell™ Platform

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Laminar Wash is the key to robust flow cytometry data. Laminar Wash integrated into automation systems allows a scientist to spend more time on science by saving time of running laborious assays Integration of Laminar Wash systems into automation is simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.

Comparison of Robotic Movement by Laminar Wash System and Centrifugation

Washing by Laminar Wash (eq. to 2x)
Washing by Centrifugation (2x)

Integration of a centrifuge into automation is difficult, awkward, and expensive!

Additional benefits of Laminar Wash workflow in addition to robust flow cytometry data:

  • Increased cell retention for assays with splenocytes and TILs or with rare population cells
  • Improved cell segregation and resolution
  • Faster and more complete washing of reagents
  • Significantly reduced false positives Higher cell viability

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