Curiox Biosystems COVID-19 Update
Stop losing your cells in the centrifuge.
Love your cells,
don’t centrifuge them.
Better sample preparation,
and without a centrifuge.

Flow Cytometry and Immunophenotyping

  • Higher cell retention of low numbers of cells, better viability and less debris
  • Reduce hands-on steps by eliminating centrifugation

Single Cell Genomics and Proteogenomics

  • More consistent and higher retention, particularly for low cell numbers
  • Reduced background with more thorough washing.

COVID Vaccine

  • Better biosafety by eliminating centrifugation
  • Reduced aerosolization of samples

Partial or Complete Workflow Automation

  • Affordable and easy automation by eliminating centrifugation
  • Improved reproducibility and standardization
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Less time running laborious assays.
More time generating robust data.

Washing by
Laminar Wash (eq. to 2x)
Washing by
Centrifugation (2x)

Integration of a centrifuge into automation is difficult, awkward, and expensive!

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