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Integrating Centrifuge-Independent and Time Efficient Automated Washing in Flow Cytometry Crossmatching

October 31, 2018
11:00 AM EST

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat:
Exploring the Benefits of Flow Cytometry Workflow Simplification with the DA-Cell™ Platform

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DropArray Wall-less Microplate.
Three Unique Platforms that Enable:


Centrifuge-less cell processing for flow cytometry assays


Retains more than 95% of cells, completes washing in 2-4 minutes. Significantly easier gating and segregation of cell populations



For Bead-based Assays


Miniaturization with the DA-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by >60%



High Content Assays


Minimizing cell use helps drastically reduce antibody and reagent costs, up to 90%.

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Introducing the New DA-Cell™ Plate and Washer for Improved Flow Cytometry

A revolutionary cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells for flow cytometry using centrifuge-less washing

DA-Bead Plate and Washer for Running magnetic bead-based immunoassays

Wall-less plate technology for miniaturizing bead-based immunoassays enabling small sample volumes (2-5 µl), reducing bead clumping, and saving reagents and antibodies

DA-HCS Plate and Washer for miniaturization and reduction of reagents for high content screening assays

DA-HCS enables the reduction of expensive antibodies and reduces the volume of precious cells needed in high content screening assays. DA-HCS offers a variety of coatings for different cellular applications, optical properties compatible for imaging, and both 96- and 384-well formats

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