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Say goodbye to centrifuging.

Laminar Wash™ Systems are the Future of Automated Suspension Cell Assays.

A Laminar Wash System for Every Lab

(formerly DA-Cell)

Laminar Wash System

Laminar Wash HT2000 System

Superior consistency and robust flow cytometry data using cenetrifuge-less washing.

Laminar Wash MINI

An affordable, benchtop instrument for sample preparation for flow cytometry.

Laminar Wash AUTO 1000

Complete Automation Solution for Surface Staining and Intracellular Staining for Flow Cytometry

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Less time running laborious assays.
More time generating robust data.

Washing by
Laminar Wash (eq. to 2x)
Washing by
Centrifugation (2x)

Integration of a centrifuge into automation is difficult, awkward, and expensive!


CAR-T cell therapy biotech company AdiCet Bio improved data by automating of a part of their flow cytometry assay. They saw improved consistency and are planning full automation using a Laminar Wash system.

Watch: Real World Results with Laminar Wash Technology

Change the way you process cells to get reliably consistent data.

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