Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

Next Generation Solution to Quality and Efficient Sample Prep for Single-Cell Multiomics Precision Oncology

Now WatchingWebinar: Standardizing and improving the workflow for precision oncology tumor sample prep Our July 27, 2021 APAC webinar featured Proteona Chief Science Officer Jonathan Scolnick, Ph.D. and Curiox Biosystems Associate Director of Bioapplications, Chyan Ying Ke, Ph.D. Proteona is a precision oncology company that developed a single-cell multiomics data collection and interpretation pipeline which informs on […]

Primary Human Dendritic Cells and Whole-Blood Based Assays to Evaluate Immuno-Modulatory Properties of Heat-Killed Commensal Bacteria

READ VACCINES Norton, J.E., Jr.; Kommineni, S.; Akrivoulis, P.; Gutierrez, D.A.; Hazuda, D.J.; Swaminathan, G. Primary Human Dendritic Cells and Whole-Blood Based Assays to EvaluateImmuno-Modulatory Properties of Heat-Killed Commensal Bacteria. Vaccines 2021, 9, 225. https://doi.org/10.3390/ vaccines9030225 Subscribe to our newsletter Get updates about upcoming webinar technical application information and product announcements when you subscribe to the Curiox […]