Are you ready to change the way scientists perform sample prep? If yes, apply for one of our open positions.

Our Values

Curiox has invented a better way to prepare samples. One that’s good for cells and is also good for scientists. We believe sample preparation can be affordable, have a good workflow, be less labor-intensive and reproducible. That’s why we’ve created Laminar Wash technology to help scientists prepare samples in a way that treats their cells gently, so as not to introduce further variables into important experiments.

If you’re ready to help scientists get better results and break them out of their entrenched ways of sample preparation, Curiox is the right place for you.


What our people say

Working at Curiox was a big career change for me and has been the best decision I have made. The culture here is so welcoming and everyone is willing to help. Every day I work with dedicated co-workers from across the globe and each day presents new challenges to overcome. Curiox is definitely the place I want build the next stages of my career.

Noma Ngwenya
Field Application Scientist

"I have a passion for introducing disruptive technology into the life science marketplace. Here at Curiox we do exactly this offering an elegant alternative to the entrenched centrifuge workflow. "
Jamie Rice

Sales Manager