Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

“When I met Ana, I knew: I loved her to the point of invention.” –  The Clean House, Sarah Ruhl

Why Laminar Wash

Our Laminar Wash™ technology is a declaration of love and admiration to all of the amazing, status quo breaking, visionaries that won’t stand to wait for the future to come to them; rather they seek it out themselves. We know that scientists are under extreme pressure between looming deadlines, juggling manual processes, and trying to unearth the next big discovery. It was our founders’ vision to create a technology that would  contribute to the greater good by alleviating the above mentioned challenges and enabling the new discoveries and therapies.

Our own mission statement: “Enabling Accurate Biological Analysis Through Automation” is the backbone of how the Laminar Wash™ Technology came to be and why we continue to build and evolve around it as we learn from those that work with our technology. In order to serve innovative labs that are seeking futuristic approaches enabled by automation and standardization of workflows to develop and deliver newfound solutions, we need to meet them where they are. 

Technology for Scientists From Scientists

Our technology creators and innovators come from similar backgrounds to those of our customers. They empathize and relate to the struggles that labs and bench scientists face, including long hours, manually pipetting until it felt like their thumbs would fall off, and the frustration of losing precious samples and important results to imperfect processes. We have spent over a decade listening to what scientists need most to support their lab, and we found that the centrifuge-based sample preparation bottleneck was the key factor to their routine struggle. It was those very experiences and conversations that led us to visualize those shared stories in videos, blogs, and the products we continue to develop. Automating around a centrifuge is no easy task. Partnering with other products can take up bench space, require extensive software alignment, and increase the probability of error due to many movements. It is in part, due to these very struggles that we took a step back to re-evaluate our options and decided instead to forge a new path that would remove the roadblocks to success and enable scientists to create a lab best fit for them and their needs rather than conforming their research to an inflexible status quo.

Uplifting the World with Science

Labs have different needs at different times in their development and growth. We recognized that and pushed to create a technology that was agreeable to various environments with complex needs, a tool that can scale with the lab and improve their efficiency. The AUTO1000 was designed to be an “all-in-one” out-of-the-box system that could integrate seamlessly without requiring extensive training, setup, or hands on interaction to complete your daily sample preparation workflows. Our systems’ easy-to-use software makes integration with products like the PAA Orbiter, or fully enclosed automation with the Hamilton Nimbus Robotics seamless and approachable whether you’re an automation novice or expert alike. With the AUTO1000, there is a 97% reduction of total process time on each run, zero manual intervention necessary, and 90% reduction on total wash time per run meaning that scientists’ schedules are opened up to do more science and less preparation.

Going Beyond the Lab

The focus on automation, creating a stress free environment for both the samples and their scientists was crucial to reaching our goals. This impact goes beyond the walls of the lab where our instrument is placed, reaching resource management, patient care, and clinical validation steps for drug development. 

An example of this reach is in the case of cell therapy samples. These samples are important, and with them being so sensitive to disruptive environments, every cell matters; both for the studies being performed and the patients they impact. Gentle Laminar Wash™, provides an environment that can preserve a larger sample size leading to faster discovery with fewer variables open for error and shortens the time needed to generate results. In the end, while our instruments are designed to support and optimize scientists’ discoveries, in doing so it improves the process of treatment and recovery for the patients involved. 

Our company and Laminar Wash™ technology was designed with the intent to support and enable visionaries to find a future that is brighter than the existing reality. By including our technology in your lab, you could open the door to your next big discovery, removing many of the common pains associated with sample preparation and giving you time to focus on what matters. Start your future now, and see what standardized, automated, reproducible sample preparation can do for your lab.