Why it's time to upgrade your Cell Wash from the centrifuge

Despite their limitations and intensive hands-on requirements, centrifuges have been the only solution to washing cell suspension prior to analysis.

Now with Laminar Wash Systems, you can improve your workflow, increase cell retention and generate more robust, reproducible data.


Applications Overview

Learn how Curiox’s products are being used to generate robust data in diverse application areas.


Research Areas

Research Areas

Challenges of Traditional Washing

Centrifuges expose suspension cells to large gravitational forces for extended periods of time. Laminar Wash technology is the first practical alternative to pelleting cells in tubes or 96-well plates using a centrifuge.

Centrifugation packs cells tightly together, often causing phenotypic changes that can bias data analysis.

Centrifugation also:

  • Pellets debris along with cells
  • Requires several manual steps prone to variation
  • Requires flinging or aspirating supernatants, which impacts reproducibility
  • Reduces cell retention and viability
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