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AUTO1000: Automate Your Cell Staining Workflow

Efficient and thorough cell washing is a necessary but labor-intensive process in sample preparation for cytometry analysis. The Laminar WashTM AUTO1000 system completely automates the staining and washing workflow, eliminating a major source of variability and enabling process standardization. Designed with the scientist in mind, the AUTO1000 offers several key benefits to research and shared resource laboratories in cell and gene therapy discovery and process development, antibody screening, flow core labs, and other applications that rely on cell-based assays, including:

This video provides a ~2 minute introduction and overview to the AUTO1000 system. To learn more about how the AUTO1000 is supporting standardization efforts to accelerate cell and gene therapy development, please read the press release on our collaboration with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Please check out our additional AUTO1000 video resources, including details on designing a custom staining assay, a standard staining protocol, and daily operation and maintenance.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us directly to find out whether the AUTO1000 is the right solution to automate your cytometry workflows.

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