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Automated Characterization Method for Validation of Epigenomic Editors in T Cells

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Robust characterization methods are important analytical tools for phenotypic characterization in cell and gene therapy. For high-parameter flow cytometry methods, sample preparation is a highly complex and mostly manual procedure. Traditional flow cytometry methods are limited in throughput and resource intensive, which make them suboptimal for discovery screening and large-scale implementation. In biotechnology research and development environments, the automation of flow cytometry workflows can be crucial for optimizing data pipelines. A fully automated system for flow cytometry staining procedures, the Laminar Wash AUTO 1000 from Curiox Biosystems, was evaluated as an alternative to manual execution.

Here we demonstrate the performance of an intracellular cytokine staining method on the Curiox platform and describe the operational advantages realized through its implementation. The platform has enabled methodology for streamlined characterization of intracellular cytokines in T cells, with 2-fold increase in cell recovery and robust cytokine measurements when compared with existing manual methods. This demonstrates the impact and ease of implementation of the Curiox automation platform to improve efficiency of high-throughput workflows.

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