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Automated flow cytometry staining protocol video

This video demonstrates the AUTO1000 accomplishing an automated standard cell staining protocol to prepare samples for analysis by flow cytometry. The video is set at 40X speed. Notice how fast the Laminar Wash step is executed, relative to the “rate limiting steps” of automatic pipetting, as well as how clear those wells are after washing! Highlights include (min:sec):

  • Adding samples (0:04)
  • Vortexing (0:30, 0:48, 1:03, 1:19, 2:13, 3:05, 3:28)
  • Adding live/dead reagent (0:35) and incubating (0:48)
  • Priming the Laminar Wash with buffer 1 (0:55) and washing cells (1:00)
  • Adding surface antibodies (1:07) and incubating (1:21)
  • Washing surface antibodies on Laminar Wash (1:29)
  • Removing residual liquid (1:34)
  • Adding fix/perm and mixing (1:46) followed by incubation (2:00)
  • Priming the Laminar Wash with buffer 2 (2:04) and washing cells (2:09)
  • Adding perm buffer (2:18) and incubating (2:26)
  • Adding intracellular antibodies and mixing (2:31) and incubating (2:54)
  • Removing empty tube rack and replacing with full one (2:46)
  • Washing excess reagent on Laminar Wash (2:59)
  • Final transfer to MTP (3:06)

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