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An Invention of Admiration

June 20, 2023
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“When I met Ana, I knew: I loved her to the point of invention.” –  The Clean House, Sarah Ruhl Why Laminar Wash Our Laminar…

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High-throughput antibody discovery to cell surface proteins

March 9, 2023

High-throughput antibody discovery to cell surface proteins View original Presentation Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza: Okay, good afternoon everyone. Hello, my name is Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza, and…

Automation Enables Innovation

September 9, 2022

“Time is currency. Be careful how you spend it.” – Byron L. Reeder Every second spent on manual processes is a second taken away from…

Manufacturing Living Therapies

October 6, 2021

Enabling “next-generation” drugs through automation and standardization This article was first published on Charles River Laboratories Eureka Blog. Please support our partners at Charles River.…