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Building a custom assay with the Laminar Wash AUTO1000 User Interface

The AUTO1000 is a turnkey, fully automated solution for preparing cell-based samples for flow or mass cytometry that features an intuitive user interface, enabling straightforward assay building. At ASGCT 2021, Curiox Biosystems Automation Scientist Ann Wang demonstrated how to design a custom staining assay for flow cytometry on the Laminar Wash AUTO1000 using the graphic user interface. Please check out our additional AUTO1000 video resources, including a standard staining protocol, and daily operation and maintenance.

With the AUTO1000’s intuitive user interface, define how to run your protocols from start to finish:

  • To start, use Run Control to select the correct method to run (00:31) and choose to execute daily maintenance protocols or run an assay using Launcher (00:47)
  • Run Selection enables users to either configure a new run for up to 2 plates, or load pre-saved run parameters (01:04)
  • Build a protocol in Assay Build using “Loops” (01:23). In this example, Ann used 4 loops to execute an extracellular and intracellular staining protocol:
    • Loop 1: Transfer sample onto a Laminar Wash plate (01:57)
    • Loop 2: Transfer extracellular staining antibody panel (03:44), including, specifying which samples are treated with which panel (04:05)
    • Loop 3: Prepare cells for intracellular staining with a buffer transfer (05:07)
    • Loop 4: Transfer intracellular staining antibody panel (06:36)
  • Optional transfer of samples to output plate to either store for later use, or direct acquisition on a flow cytometer (07:50)
  • Plate Layout Map shows the location of samples and replicates, and type of antibody panel treatments (08:19)
  • Choose to save run parameters for future use (09:03)
  • Deck Loading Map serves as a checklist to ensure that all reagents and consumables are loaded correctly (09:12)
  • The AUTO1000 system generates:
    • Trace File that records all events during a run to ensure traceability (10:01) and
    • Mapping File that keeps track of all volumes pipetted (10:31)

Please contact us to find out whether the AUTO1000 is the right solution to automate your flow cytometry workflows.

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