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Surfaceome mapping of primary human heart cells with CellSurfer uncovers cardiomyocyte surface protein LSMEM2 and proteome dynamics in failing hearts

READ NATURE Cell surface proteins (surfaceome) play a significant role in the development of novel target therapies. Therefore, a comprehensive surfaceome profiling approach is necessary to identify and quantify specific markers for effective therapeutic targeting. The challenge most developers face is the lack of data due to complex methodologies, rare cell types and/or small number […]

Comprehensive Benchmarking of CITE-seq versus DOGMA-seq Single Cell Multimodal Omics

READ BIORXIV While single-cell multiomics techniques represent a growing dictionary for generating enormous insight into cell biology, objective assessments of utility, strengths, and weaknesses are lacking. Researchers at the the University of Pittsburgh compared trimodal (transcription, epitopes, and chromatin accessibility) DOGMA-Seq to bimodal (transcription and epitopes) CITE-seq to benchmark and optimize sample prep using Laminar […]

Severe COVID-19 infection is associated with aberrant cytokine production by infected lung epithelial cells rather than by systemic immune dysfunction

READ NATURE PORTFOLIO PREPRINT Researchers at the University of Chicago used their Laminar Wash HT2000 system to safely prepare peripheral immune cells from COVID-19 patients with moderate and severe disease for flow cytometry in a biosafety cabinet. This preprint manuscript in a Nature family journal reveals how increased IL-6 and CCL2 in patients with severe […]

Insights into adult atopic dermatitis heterogeneity derived from circulating biomarker profiling in patients with moderate-to-severe disease

READ WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY Scientists at Eli Lilly were characterizing circulatory inflammatory profiles and underlying systemic disease heterogeneity within atopic dermatitis (AD) patients. The multiplexing study of several pro-inflammatory mediators distinguished between baseline disease severities, demonstrated by greater EASI, SCORAD Index, Itch NRS and DLQI scores. DropArray Technology provided a 5uL- sample volume workflow, which […]

Primary Human Dendritic Cells and Whole-Blood Based Assays to Evaluate Immuno-Modulatory Properties of Heat-Killed Commensal Bacteria

READ VACCINES Norton, J.E., Jr.; Kommineni, S.; Akrivoulis, P.; Gutierrez, D.A.; Hazuda, D.J.; Swaminathan, G. Primary Human Dendritic Cells and Whole-Blood Based Assays to EvaluateImmuno-Modulatory Properties of Heat-Killed Commensal Bacteria. Vaccines 2021, 9, 225. https://doi.org/10.3390/ vaccines9030225 Subscribe to our newsletter Get updates about upcoming webinar technical application information and product announcements when you subscribe to the Curiox […]

Large scale cytokine profiling uncovers elevated IL12‑p70 and IL‑17A in severe pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome

READ SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Investigators in Singapore utilized Curiox’s DropArray (LT210) multiplex immunoassay system to profile 45 cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors in children with severe and non-severe PARDS. This revealed a differential immunological signature correlating with early and late disease, shedding light on PARDs pathophysiology. Judith Ju Ming Wong, Herng Lee Tan, Jieliang Zhou, Jan […]