Curiox Biosystems Announces New Leadership as David Choiniere Joins as Vice President, Sales and Marketing for North America

For Immediate Release: WOBURN MA, SEOUL, KOREA September 3, 2019 Curiox Biosystems, a leader in automated systems for flow cytometry sample preparation, announced today that it has expanded its leadership team by appointing David Choiniere as Vice President, Sales and Marketing for North America. Choiniere, formerly served as Vice President of Sales for IsoPlexis and, prior to that, Vice President … Read More

Laminar Wash™ Enabled Accurate Identification of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) Population

Immunotherapy, a treatment that harnesses the patients’ own immune systems to fight off cancer, is revolutionizing cancer treatment. Since the original success in melanoma, significant advances have led to novel immunotherapeutic approaches for treatment of various types of cancer, with a large number of clinical trials being currently underway. The successful anti-tumor immune response is largely driven by the tumor … Read More

Washing Whole Blood Without a Centrifuge – Human and Mouse

Lysing and washing red blood cells using traditional microtiter plates or tubes may result in significant cell loss and damage. There is now a better way to lyse RBCs while achieving clean antibody staining and lysis as good as or better than traditional methods. The new DA-Cell™ system offers centrifuge-less blood lysis and leukocyte washing on a single platform, with … Read More

Curiox Biosystems Chosen as Finalist in the CYTO Innovation 2017 Technology Showcase

Curiox Biosystems was proud to have been chosen as a finalist in the CYTO Innovation 2017 Technology Showcase at the 32nd Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry meeting in June, 2017. Dr. Namyong Kim introduced the new DA-Cell™ technology, a revolutionary centrifuge-less cell processing system for the flow cytometry market.

How to Minimize Matrix Effects for Magnetic Bead-based Assays

Multiplexed bead assays have always been prone to aggregation, especially in the presence of complex biological fluids and matrices. The inherent properties of magnetic beads in regards to size, magnetism, and coatings (both polymer and conjugated protein) can lead the magnetic particles to clump or aggregate during the assay incubations, washings, and resuspensions.

Curiox Biosystems Announces New Distributors in Europe

Curiox Biosystems is proud to announce the addition of three new distributors in Europe for the DropArray™ System. The three distributors include Cambridge Bioscience covering the United Kingdom, CliniSciences servicing France and THP Biomedical supplying Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia.