Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

Conference: Curiox is Attending SLAS Boston 2024

We’re excited to announce we’ll be exhibiting at #SLAS2024 in Boston! This year we’ll be showcasing our Laminar Wash Technology that will help you and your team support Innovation at Every Turn. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Learn more: www.slas.org/2024. 

Make sure to carve out time to stop by our Spotlight Presentation: “Automated Characterization Method for Validation of Epigenomic Editors in T Cells” presented by Dan Imhoff from Tune Tx on February 5th at 11AM EST. We’ll be presenting on the impact of automation of sample preparation and lab advancements as a whole! More information to come. Check out the programming and conference details at www.slas.org/2024.

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