Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

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Could Debris Be Masking Your True Results

Sample preparation is the stage that can make or break an assay’s performance. Preserving the natural state of samples without having to sacrifice population size can be the difference between innovation and stagnation. Now more than ever, we need dependable, reproducible results that don’t require a lab magician. With Laminar Wash, we can take the hands out of handling, offering a scalable, automated, standardized solution to the reproducibility conundrum.

A Scientist’s Perspective on The Importance of Sample Prep. Christoph Eberle PhD, MICR, FRSPH from Charles River Laboratories shares his take on how Laminar Wash technology is ensure betters, standardized sample preparation for fluorescence-based assays.

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