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Curiox Biosystems Establishes Innovation Center at Stanford University

Curiox Biosystems Announces the Establishment of the Curiox Innovation Center for the Curiox C-FREE™ Pluto LT System at Stanford University’s Human Immune Monitoring Center

SAN FRANCISCOJune 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Curiox Biosystems, a global leader in providing innovative and automated sample preparation solutions for accurate and reproducible cell analysis, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Curiox Innovation Center for the Curiox C-FREE™ Pluto LT System at the Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC) at Stanford University.

This new Innovation Center for the Pluto LT system will empower researchers with the opportunity to experience and gain deeper insights into the system’s capabilities, and how it can enable enhancements in their scientific workflows. The Pluto LT system is a compact, benchtop liquid handling workstation, acknowledged for its ability to provide automated and consistent sample preparation for suspension cells, which are critical for accurate cell analysis.

The HIMC at Stanford University, directed by Dr. Holden Maecker, is dedicated to offering standardized, state-of-the-art immune monitoring assays at the RNA, protein, and cellular levels. In addition to these services, HIMC provides comprehensive support for clinical and translational studies, including archiving, reporting, and data mining. The center actively collaborates with the research community to test and develop new technologies for advanced immune monitoring.

Additionally, Dr. Kavita Mathi, a Senior Scientist at the HIMC, recently presented data on the Pluto LT system at the June 2024 meeting of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) in San Francisco. Dr. Mathi’s presentation highlighted the improved cell retention and reproducibility provided by the Pluto LT system over manual workflows.

“We are thrilled to partner with Stanford University’s Human Immune Monitoring Center to launch the Curiox Innovation Center featuring the Pluto LT system,” said Namyong Kim, CEO of Curiox Biosystems. “This collaboration will not only facilitate greater access to our advanced Pluto LT system, but also support the groundbreaking research being conducted at Stanford and the surrounding biotech community. Together, we aim to drive forward the frontiers of immune monitoring and cell analysis.”

For more information about the Curiox Innovation Center for the Pluto LT system, please contact sales@curiox.com.

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