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Benefits of Using the Curiox Laminar Wash™ System in Mass Cytometry Experiments
Handling Frozen Lymphocytes for HLA Flow Crossmatches Using Laminar Flow
Development of Centrifuge Independent Assays for Investigating T cell Signaling Pathways
Integrating Centrifuge Independent and Time Efficient Automated Washing in Flow Cytometry Crossmatching
Wash, Rinse, Repeat. The Benefits of Flow Cytometry Workflow Simplification
Centrifuge-Less Flow Cytometry – Meet the Inventor

Curiox Technology

How It Works: Laminar Wash Technology for Flow Cytometry
Curiox LT Washing Station: Unpacking and Dummy Wash
Preparation of Anti-Evaporation Lid
Bead-based Immunoassays with DA-Bead Plate: Milliplex Assays