DropArray Bead Plates

Reduce sample preparation, improve data quality and biosafety

Wall-less plate technology for miniaturizing bead-based immunoassays enabling small sample volumes (2-5𝛍l), reducing bead clumping, and saving reagents and antibodies.

Miniaturization with the DropArray-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by >60%. Laminar flow washing is efficient and limits bead aggregation.


Innovative Plate Design

The DropArray 96-well plate consists of an array of hydrophilic spots surrounded by a hydrophobic surface, which functions as a virtual wall that separates each spot.

Conforms to SBS standards

The DropArray plates are available in 96- and 384-well format and conform to SBS standards.

What the DropArray Bead Plates deliver:

  • Sample savings
  • Ability to utilize existing workflows
  • Reduced cost of running multiplex immunoassays
  • Excellent retention of beads for accurate results

Technology Overview

See the DropArray Bead Plates in Action

Miniaturization with the DA-Bead plates reduces sample volume and bead consumption by 5X and decreases assay costs by >60%. Laminar flow washing is efficient and limits bead aggregation.


“The DA-Bead method for analysis was comparable to, if not superior to, the conventional method in terms of consistency/precision, accuracy, sensitivity and dynamic range.”

Prof. Beaumier at Baylor and Dr. Biswas at Merck


The Curiox


Traditional Plate Technology

(A) Incubation method principle in traditional plate (left) and DA-Bead Plate (right). Beads are freely floating with shaking in traditional well at 75µl volume vs. beads are fixed in a 15 µl drop in DA-Bead Plate by a magnet below the well and shaken.
(B) Washing method principle in traditional plate (left) and DA-Bead Plate (right). Magnet array with traditional plate either super packs beads at the side of a traditional well or keep beads as a monolayer resulting in aspiration of beads and/or incomplete washing with the nozzle/pipet based dispenser. Conversely, DA-Bead Plate magnet configuration maintains beads as a monolayer (right) resulting in complete washing with gentle laminar flow and minimal residual wash buffer leftover.

DropArray™ Plates Work with Existing Workflows


Use your established, standard protocols with DropArray™ plates. The overall workflow remains the same. Available in 96-well format, the plates are offered individually or in bulk to suit your assay needs. Because they are easy to use with standard robotics, therefore there’s no need for additional capital investment. DropArray™ plates are compatible with magnetic beads.

How DA-Bead Plates Stack Up

DA-Bead Plate (96-well plate)
MTP (96-well plate)

Sample volume



Bead volume



Ease of washing

Comparable to MTP


No. of wells per kit



Total reagent cost of one 96-well assay



*These values may vary based on type of bead-based immunoassay.


Peritoneal Fluid Cytokine Multiplex Analysis

When performing cell dissociation in tumor bearing tissues, the tissue debris and enzymatic-induced fragments are primary factors affecting cell recovery for tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. For more invasive and immunologically challenging models, like B16F10-inoculated mice, recovery of limited numbers of TILs reduces chances for accurate characterization. The results shown here were demonstrated with an unchallenged mouse sample and the Laminar Wash technology. Laminar washing (with 1,000,000 tumor infiltrate cells) reveals increased viable cell count and reduced debris effects by laminar washing. The cleaner sample preparation increases lymphocyte recovery up to 90.6% as compared to centrifuge-harsh washing of 10.5%.


Multiplex Immunoassay for a Cytokine Re-stimulation Assay


Cytokine profiles of BALB/c mice immunized with rAs37 formulated with Alhydrogel, MPL, and AddaVax. Cytokine levels were determined in supernatants of splenocytes after being re-stimulated with rAs37 (25 μg/ml) for 48 hours. Cytokine values measured in unstimulated samples were subtracted from the cytokine values from the corresponding rAs37 re-stimulated samples. Data are presented as means and individual values for each group (n = 5). *p< 0.05, **p< 0.01.

Accessories and Components

96-well DA-Bead Plate


384-well DA-Bead Plate


DropArray™ Bead Reading Fluid


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