Webinar: Towards Standardizing Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation Workflows Without Centrifugation

flow cytometry webinar

Flow cytometrists are accustomed to breakneck improvements in analytical capabilities, from faster cell sorters to more complex optical channels. An area that has lagged, however, is paramount to study success—cell and nuclei suspension sample preparation. In this edition of the flowcytometryUK webinar, Noma Ngwenya (Curiox Biosystems) and Christoph Eberle, Ph.D. (Charles River Laboratories) will discuss Laminar Wash™ technology, an alternative-to-centrifugation methodology that washes samples destined for flow cytometry with gentle laminar flow.

Webinar attendees will learn:

• How Laminar Wash technology works
• Benefits and workflow differences between Laminar Wash and centrifugation
• Laminar Wash enabled improvements in single nuclei sample prep
• How Laminar Wash streamlines and standardizes sample prep at Charles River
• How Laminar Wash can be utilized to evaluate tools for flow cytometry

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