Flow Cytometry Expert Sue Reynolds Joins Curiox Biosystems

Many of you in the flow cytometry community will immediately recognize Sue Reynolds’ name. Sue has extensive flow cytometry experience working in industry as a flow core manager, application scientist, field marketing and market development manager. Sue will bring her expertise as both an assay developer and manager of relationships between CROs and customers to bring more customer focus to Curiox and build collaborations, partnerships and other relationships.

“We are thrilled to have Sue join our team. She brings an immense amount of experience in flow cytometry technology,” said Dr. Namyong Kim, President of Curiox Biosystems. “Her knowledge of the North American flow cytometry community will help us ensure that we achieve adoption of our new fully automated system for flow cytometry, Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000, as well as our standard Laminar Wash System and the affordable Laminar Wash MINI System. Every lab that uses centrifugation to wash cells should also have Laminar Wash systems to improve workflow, improve cell retention, and improve cell viability.”

Sue brings over 25 years of experience in the life sciences market, with extensive experience in flow cytometry and other cell-based assay. Sue will be instrumental in expanding use of Laminar Wash in the flow cytometry and single-cell sequencing market.” I am excited to be part of the Curiox scientific team who is leading a paradigm shift in the field of cellular analysis through the use of automation,” Reynolds said. “Automation is one of the key components to delivering robust flow cytometry data, by addressing workflow and analytical challenges through the use of its automated platforms, Curiox is advancing the field cellular analysis towards the goal of delivering robust and meaningful data.”

We are in the era of cell-based therapy and diagnosis, harnessing the trove of information available from single cells. Today, the major bottleneck toward the complete and rapid cell analysis lies in the workflow of processing cells prior to the analysis. Curiox Biosystems helps to ensure every cell is analyzed accurately in a native state by providing Laminar Wash Technology that transforms how sample preparation is performed.