Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

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Improved Cell Recovery by Skipping Centrifugation


Laminar Wash technology offers a centrifuge-less sample preparation method, which gently and continuously washes the cells in your samples. By eliminating centrifugation, sample preparation no longer subjects the cells to mechanical stress. This leads to better cell retention and produces higher quality data.

In the first part of the webinar, watch how Laminar Wash technology makes this possible, as Curiox’s Applications Manager, Dr Chyan Ying Ke, presents a comprehensive overview of its working principles and benefits.

Key points covered in the introductory segment of the webinar

  • Challenges posed by centrifugation during cell sample preparation (1:03)
  • How Laminar Wash technology works (2:42)
  • Benefits of centrifuge-less sample preparation using Laminar Wash can be applied in various applications (5:20)
  • Features of Laminar Wash products (6:36)

The next segment of the webinar is presented by Dr Christoph Eberle from Charles River Laboratories, who has expertise in flow cytometric immunophenotyping for the characterization of oncology models.

Dr Eberle shares valuable experiences and data on how adapting Laminar Wash for centrifuge-less sample preparation has benefited his work in terms of improvements in data quality and overall workflow.

Key points brought up by Dr Eberle

  • Sample preparation and downstream data quality problems caused by centrifugation for TIL immunophenotyping (13:55)
  • An example of a generic cell washing and staining protocol integrated with Laminar Wash technology (16:01)
  • Based on side-by-side comparisons, tumor and spleen samples processed using Laminar Wash had better performance than those manually processed manual processing (20:30)
    • Lower CV values and more viable cells regardless of starting cell numbers
    • Improved staining results due to higher cell retention and lesser debris present
    • Workflow improvements such as time and reagent savings using Laminar Wash
  • Laminar Wash can be used for processing small volumes of blood samples while retaining its benefits (27:32)

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