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Laminar Wash AUTO1000 Daily Operation

This video demonstrates the daily operation and utility of the Laminar WashTM AUTO1000 system. Note that the video was recorded using a previous version of the AUTO1000 (the current model utilizes the upgraded HT2000 washing system that sports a touch screen). The system is comprised of the HT2000 washing station housed in an extended Hamilton NIMBUS pipetting workstation, complete with temperature peltier and vortexer. The user controls the AUTO1000 through an intuitive user interface (GUI) that requires no scripting or sophisticated programming, enabling easy customization without prolonged or complex training.

Highlights of the video include (min:sec):

  • Daily startup (0:01) and view of the user interface setup (0:40) and startup protocols (2:24)
  • Daily calibration check on user interface (4:00)
  • Setting up a protocol with the user interface (4:26)
  • Setting up the deck with all protocol consumables and reagents (4:38)
  • Automated execution of a standard cell staining protocol to prepare samples for analysis by flow cytometry (6:07). Note this video runs at 40X speed and can also be found here. Notice how fast the Laminar Wash step is executed, relative to the “rate limiting steps” of automatic pipetting, as well as how clear those wells are after washing!
  • Performing daily shutdown maintenance using the GUI (9:51)

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