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Laminar Wash MINI000 Virtual Demonstration with CITE-Seq Protocol

This video demonstrates the daily operation and utility of the Laminar WashTM MINI1000 system, hosted by Curiox Biosystems scientist Amira Amilia, and features a common protocol example in setting up a CITE-Seq (Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by Sequencing) staining assay. Comprised of a proprietary 16-well “wall-less” strip and a fluidics instrument, the MINI1000 is the low-throughput, benchtop solution to reproducibly preparing suspension cell samples for flow cytometry and single-cell ‘omics applications.

Highlights of the video include (min:sec):

  • 00:47 Components Overview
  • 01:06 Setting up the MINI
  • 01:14 Connecting the buffer inlet
  • 01:51 Introduction to the Laminar Wash strip
  • 02:37 Startup Maintenance: Priming
  • 03:10 Startup Maintenance: Calibration
  • 04:36 Preparing a CITE-Seq protocol (based on BioLegend’s TotalSeq protocol co-developed with Curiox)
  • 07:39 Shutdown Maintenance

For more information on the MINI system, download the MINI instrument brochure or contact us.

If you are interested in more high-throughput or automated solutions to your workflows, please consider:

  • our HT2000 system (and accompanying virtual demo video) the ideal fit for integrating with existing or planned automation workstations
  • our AUTO1000, a fully turnkey and walkaway sample prep automation system, complete with a user interface for customizing assays
  • (see the AUTO GUI virtual demo video) without prior automation or programming knowledge

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