Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System

Complete Automation Solution for Surface Staining and Intracellular Staining for Flow Cytometry

  • Affordable automation compared to custom automation with centrifugation; starting at $200k for a complete system
  • Walk-away automation
The Laminar Wash AUTO 1000 System is a fully automated system for surface staining and intracellular staining protocols. It comes pre-programmed with modifiable protocols that are easy for the user to immediately use with no programming needed. The platform is designed to produce the most quantitative and reproducible results for flow cytometry users. The Laminar Wash AUTO 1000 System reduces user variability and day-to-day variation prevalent in flow cytometry. Unlike custom automation or centrifugation-based systems, the AUTO 1000 provides easy, turnkey automation and exceptional flexibility. In addition the AUTO 1000 is much more compact, affordable and lower maintenance than automation systems built around centrifugation.

Easy Set Up and Integration for both Surface Staining and Intracellular Staining

The Laminar Wash AUTO 1000 software interface allows modifications to sample volume, buffer volume, antibody volume, number of washes, incubation time and temperature. In addition, it comes with pre-programmed protocols to ensure user consistency.The software prompts the user to enter the parameters of existing SOPs or protocols with no coding or programming of the liquid handling system.

Laminar Flow Technology

Curiox’s centrifuge-less cell preparation platform is enabled by our wall-less plate and laminar flow washer. The Laminar Wash™ (LW) 96-well plate consists of an array of hydrophilic spots surrounded by hydrophobic surface, which functions as a virtual wall that separates each spot. It is compatible with all automation through API, and Curiox is open to working with existing automation.
Each spot can process from a single cell to as many as 10 million cells with without the mechanical stress and cell losses associated with centrifugation.

Increased Viability and Retention

In processing of low cell numbers (50-100), LW retained higher cell count with better cellular morphology and brighter endogenous fluorescent expression. The dim protein expression is evidence of mechanic stresses caused by centrifugation. Data from a biotech company in San Diego

In subcutaneous murine melanoma tumor samples, LW retained 40% more live cells than centrifuge, with less tumor debris and better antibody staining.

Consistent Data with Low Coefficient Variant

By using Laminar Wash™ in a single wash step during immunophenotyping of human PBMCs, the user achieved (a) consistency and (b) lower coefficient of variance even between different operators. Data obtained from webinar by Dr. Arnaud Colantonio, Associate Director of Process Development, Adicet Bio.