MuriGenics Adopts DropArray™ To Enhance Multi-Analyte Analysis Services

MuriGenics prides itself in supporting the research community with their pre-clinical and research development needs. One of the ways they support client’s research needs is by assisting their investigation into various biomarkers in treated or untreated mouse models. MuriGenic’s provides mouse and in vitro disease/immuno-oncology models, and quality assays for biomarker research with consistent and validated tools like multi-analyte profiling and ELISA.  Multi-Analyte profiling at MuriGenics with Curiox’s DropArray technology, coupled with a market-leading bead-based multiplexing system, provides a robust analyte detection system while using small amounts of sample. This combination enables MuriGenics to provide consistent, high quality tools to support research while saving precious samples and reagents, which can mean preparing fewer samples, potentially saving time and labor for their clients.

MuriGenics offers and delivers robust preclinical in-vivo and in-vitro contract drug discovery and development services, supported with statistical validation, solid science and project management to companies throughout the United States.  MuriGenics specializes in disease models for oncology, cardiovascular, inflammation and metabolic diseases.

DropArray (DA-Bead™) uses unique, wall-less plates and a washer to miniaturize bead-based immunoassays.  With a 5-fold assay miniaturization, the amount of reagents used per sample is reduced by up to 80%.  DA-Bead plates also enable the use of significantly less sample.  The system can be easily integrated into existing workflows.