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Curiox C-FREE™ Pluto LT System

Delivering affordable personalized automation for cell analysis workflows

Sample prep made simpler with an automated liquid handling platform that enables cell staining and washing.

  • End-to-end automation. Liquid handling and cell washing in one platform.
  • Familiar labware. Works with standard 96-well microplates, deep-well plates, tubes, and pipette tips.
  • Minimal assay optimization. Easily transition your manual flow cytometry workflows over to the Pluto LT system.
  • Compact footprint. Benchtop workstation with small footprint that can easily fit into compact lab space.
  • Affordable. Low barrier-to-adoption to enable personalized automation.
  • Traceability. Enables the tracking of samples with confidence using visual and digital tools and reports; typically needed in clinical and clinical-research applications.
  • Scripting service. Access to experts who can design your protocol scripts to help you get up-and-running quickly.
  • Workflow improvements. Enables higher productivity via reduced hands-on time.

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