Our July 27, 2021 APAC webinar featured Proteona Chief Science Officer Jonathan Scolnick, Ph.D. and Curiox Biosystems Associate Director of Bioapplications, Chyan Ying Ke, Ph.D. Proteona is a precision oncology company that developed a single-cell multiomics data collection and interpretation pipeline which informs on clinical decisions to improve patient's outcomes. As Proteona uses Laminar Wash™ technology to process all their clinical samples, our speakers discussed how upgrading from the centrifuge helps enable single-cell 'omics studies.

Chyan Ying's talk introduced Laminar Wash and its general utility for single-cell applications:

  • How Laminar Wash addresses barriers to quality and efficient sample prep (3:29), how the centrifuge can negatively impact cells (4:33) and how the technology works (6:08)
  • Laminar Wash instruments for streamlining single-cell 'omics sample prep (7:55)
  • An overview of Laminar Wash sample prep workflow (8:50)
  • A recent publication highlighting Laminar Wash utility in preparing Total-Seq hashed samples for scRNA-seq (10:26)
  • Utility of Laminar Wash in preparing single nuclei for downstream analysis (12:42)
  • Evidence for superior debris removal and cell retention by Laminar Wash vs conventional methods (14:21)
  • Overall talk summary (32:16)

Jonathan discussed Proteona's approach to precision oncology and informing on patient response to therapy:

  • An overview of Proteona's mission in using single-cell multiomics in the clinic (16:22)
  • A summary of Proteona's biomarker discovery pipeline (17:12), including bioinformatics solutions (18:13)
  • How Proteona incorporates Laminar Wash technology in preparing all their clinical samples (mostly tumor cells) for single-cell analysis (19:02)
  • Why multiomics measurements of both RNA and proteins is crucial for responder/non-responder biomarker discovery (20:44)
  • A case study in multiple myeloma describing a gene signature (found in <1% of cells) revealed by Proteona's proteogenomic approach (23:23) and summary (30:53)

The two speakers also answered several excellent questions from the attendees for the final 15 minutes (34:06).