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The MX-Bead Program Maximizes Your Bead-based Assay Output
The Mx-Bead Program is an easy and affordable way to convert to DA-Bead plates for all your magnetic bead-based immunoassay needs.

  • Generate more data with less sample volume. Use up to 5x less sample volume per well. Set up more wells from a single assay kit.
  • Save on bead-based reagents. A 5-fold miniaturization reduces assay costs by up to 60–80%.
  • Easily convert your assays to DA-Bead plates. Designed to work with existing workflows.

What is the Mx-Bead Program?
It’s a pay-as-you-go consumable and equipment package that includes both DA-Bead plates and a proprietary washing system.

What are the up-front costs involved?
Curiox is excited to offer bead-based assay users the option to get up and running without any additional capital expense. The program includes DA-Bead plates and an easy pay-per-use fee for the washer. No hidden costs. Pay for what you use and nothing more.

How much time will it take to switch from standard microplates to DA-Bead plates?
Because the workflow remains the same, you can be up and running with minimal down time. If you do need an extra hand, Curiox has a team of field application specialists ready to help.

How can I get started?
Contact us today to set up a call or demo.