Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

Curiox Laminar Wash AUTO system: a reliable walk-away sample preparation solution for better TILs recovery without centrifugation

This poster describes our AUTO1000 instrument, a fully turnkey, automated, walkaway cell preparation solution for flow cytometry without centrifugation. It features an intuitive user interface for generating custom assays and little training. The utility is demonstrated with superior recovery of tumor infiltrating leukocytes (TILs) from dissociated tumors. Please click here to watch a short video of the […]

Current Practices and Challenges in Method Validation

READ JOVE Poitout F, Colangelo JL, Lavallée S, et al. Current Practices and Challenges in Method Validation. Toxicologic Pathology. 2018:0192623318801571. Subscribe to our newsletter Get updates about upcoming webinar technical application information and product announcements when you subscribe to the Curiox newsletter.