What are the unique advantages of DropArray microplates over traditional microplates for DA-Bead?

DropArray microplates enable simple and easy miniaturization of assays at 2-4 microliters for the 384-well format and 5-15 microliters for the 96-well format because of their unique wall-less design. The wall-less feature eliminates capillary action, the biggest barrier to miniaturization with traditional microplates. Furthermore, the wall-less feature allows extremely gentle washing by liquid exchange, which is different from the harsh, convection-based washing performed by a microplate washer with an array of nozzles.

Unlike a standard microplate that requires dispensing and aspiration from each well, bulk liquids like wash buffers are added to or removed from the entire DropArray microplate at once. By reducing turbulence in wash steps, far fewer cells and beads are lost from the assay droplets, even with suspension cells and non-magnetic beads compared to traditional microplates. Evaporation is controlled using an Anti-Evaporation Lid which provides a humidified environment and minimizes evaporation of the droplets.