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Centrifuge-Less Flow Cytometry – Meet the Inventor


In this webinar, gain insights into Laminar Wash technology from the inventor himself, Dr Namyoung Kim. Laminar Wash offers you a centrifuge-less, automated and consistent way to prepare your cell samples for flow and mass cytometry. By eliminating centrifugation, the cells in your samples are no longer subjected to mechanical stress and are gently washed using Laminar Wash. Dr Kim explains the concepts behind Laminar Wash technology and uses robust data to demonstrate how Laminar Wash can improve your sample preparation.

Key Points from this Webinar:

Superiority of sample preparation using Laminar Wash when compared to the traditional method of centrifugation (2:00)

The working principles behind Laminar Wash and how it will allow you to wash the cells in your samples without losing them (3:55)

Key features of Laminar Wash Systems for easy incorporation into cell staining assays (8:21)

Data evidence illustrates improved cell retention and viability when cell samples are prepared using Laminar Wash (9:45)

An example of how Laminar Wash can be easily integrated into your existing workflow, now with less hands-on time and better consistency (18:32)

Ease of operation and maintenance of Laminar Wash Systems (19:14)

At the end of the webinar, Dr Kim answers questions that could potentially address any of your concerns and queries.

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