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Wash, Rinse, Repeat. The Benefits of Flow Cytometry Workflow Simplification


Dr. Arnaud Colantonio, who at the time of this webinar was the Associate Director of analytical development at Adicet Bio. Now Dr. Colantonio is at Kite/Gilead.
Adicet Bio are developing an off the shelf gamma delta T-cell product, which is composed of engineered gamma delta T-Cells with CARs, TCRLs or TCRs. They are developing a pipeline of products that range from liquid and solid tumors.
The overall goals for the webinar is to give you a sense of the overall time savings that Adicet Bio saw by implementing the Laminar Wash technology (FKA DA-Cell), to show you that the data quality that they compiled internally is at least comparable to the manual centrifugation method, to highlight the fact that the technology makes it very easy to transfer an assay from one group to the next or to train new operators, The presentation will show you that the data they’ve compiled so far has stayed relatively consistent over time, and that they maintained the ability to detect rare populations, which is important for them as the develop the next round of cell therapy products.

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