Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

Combating Burnout in Life Science Professionals: The Role of Streamlining and Automation

Burnout has become a widely discussed issue in various aspects of our lives, from our careers to personal well-being. The World Health Organization defines burnout as an “occupational phenomenon,” resulting from prolonged workplace stress left unresolved. While the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought heightened awareness to burnout, it has long been a […]

An Invention of Admiration

“When I met Ana, I knew: I loved her to the point of invention.” –  The Clean House, Sarah Ruhl Why Laminar Wash Our Laminar Wash™ technology is a declaration of love and admiration to all of the amazing, status quo breaking, visionaries that won’t stand to wait for the future to come to them; […]

High-throughput antibody discovery to cell surface proteins

View original Presentation Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza: Okay, good afternoon everyone. Hello, my name is Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza, and I am the US Field Application Manager at Curiox Biosystems. I thank you for joining me today to talk about the importance of sample prep, and the effects it can have in the quality of your data. […]

Automation Enables Innovation

“Time is currency. Be careful how you spend it.” – Byron L. Reeder Every second spent on manual processes is a second taken away from potential revenue. Every day, scientists are racing the clock between sample preparation, running experiments, analyzing data and much more. Juggling these responsibilities along with looming deadlines, while pushing for new […]

Manufacturing Living Therapies

Enabling “next-generation” drugs through automation and standardization This article was first published on Charles River Laboratories Eureka Blog. Please support our partners at Charles River. Cell and gene therapy continues to drive biopharmaceutical investment and pipelines, despite COVID-related research and clinical trial disruptions. Last year, the global cell therapy market size was $7.8 billion, expanding annually […]

Nuclei Need Nurturing, Too

Laminar Wash™ benefits of automation and gentle cell-based sample preparation can also be extended to nuclei   Analytical methods on individual cells provide an enormous amount of useful information. But not all tissue types lend themselves to preparing single cell suspensions necessary for flow cytometry or single-cell ‘omics analysis. Homogenization and dissociation of interconnected tissues […]

A Missing Sample Prep Tool for Single-Cell Biology is Found

Gentle and semi-automated Laminar Wash™ technology removes background, debris, doublets, and dead time, extending single-cell ‘omics budgets. Single-cell ‘omics technologies are achieving a new paradigm in biology. As Eadweard Muybridge applied photography to settle the “unsupported transit” controversy surrounding the 19th century galloping horse, immunologists are utilizing single-cell transcriptomics (scRNA) to tease apart the heterogeneity […]

Next-Generation Technology for Suspension Cell Preparation

Novel instrumentation enables gentle and consistent cell washing for researchers across the life sciences. This article was first published on Charles River Laboratories Eureka Blog. Please support our partners at Charles River. “The future is now” certainly rings true for biotechnology and medicine. Gene sequencing and editing have become routine, cell biology is understood enough […]

How to wash away barriers to therapeutic cancer vaccine development

Developing neoantigen-based cancer vaccines necessitates comprehensive cellular characterization for iterative therapeutic improvement, which Laminar Wash™ systems may facilitate at multiple steps. Vaccines are probably the second-most effective advancement in the annals of human medicine, after sanitation. Most of us recognize the value of vaccines in infectious disease. Yet, swept under the rug amongst the COVID-19 global pandemic is another form of immune-boosting injection combating a terrible […]

Overcoming challenging cell analysis with next-generation sample prep technology

Laminar wash technology enables researchers to perform routine, thorough, and gentle cell washes, especially for troublesome and low cell count populations. Researchers are delivering on the promise of genomic and cell biology to cure individual cancers and correct genetic disorders at breakneck speed. Feeding this acceleration has been unprecedented advances in cellular analysis—characterizing and selecting […]