Webinar On-Demand: Shift the Paradigm to Centrifuge-less Immuno-staining of Cells for Superior Viability, Recovery & Data

Future-Proofing Single Cell Applications

Now Watching Technology has evolved from those early days of batching thousands of cells together to decrypt the millions of base pairs that make up genetic information. Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by sequencing (CITE-seq), brings together surface protein phenotyping (similar to flow cytometry) and single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). This is achieved by using […]

An Invention of Admiration

“When I met Ana, I knew: I loved her to the point of invention.” –  The Clean House, Sarah Ruhl Why Laminar Wash Our Laminar Wash™ technology is a declaration of love and admiration to all of the amazing, status quo breaking, visionaries that won’t stand to wait for the future to come to them; […]

The Direct Reading Grid – How it Works

Now Watchinghttps://youtu.be/_wdesbdI5ZkIn this video provides walk-throughs on pairing the Direct Reading Grid (DRG) with the Laminar Wash™ (LW) Plate to create the DRG & LW Plate Unit as well as pipetting, handling, transferring, and Big Bear Vortexing with the DRG and LW Plate Unit.

Undoing Automation Roadblocks with the AUTO1000

Now Watchinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mss00mrNLVk Automation is the key to solving “road blocks” of all kinds. Automated processes minimize variability, eliminate error, and increase throughput. Whether it is the toll road systems or laboratory workflows such as sample preparation, efficient and user-friendly automation has many benefits:   Time Savings  Reproducibility   Shorten Turnaround Time  Free Up Personnel   Drive Standardization   Unlike […]

Demo – AUTO 1000

Now Watchinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lChaJhj92Pc The Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 system is the first and only all-in-one automated workstation that employs a suspension-cell sample preparation method that eliminates the centrifuge and the problems it introduces. As a fully automated closed system, it resolves the pain points of manual workflows, produces the most quantitative and reproducible results, and seamlessly integrates into […]

High-throughput antibody discovery to cell surface proteins

View original Presentation Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza: Okay, good afternoon everyone. Hello, my name is Nadiezda Fernandez Oropeza, and I am the US Field Application Manager at Curiox Biosystems. I thank you for joining me today to talk about the importance of sample prep, and the effects it can have in the quality of your data. […]

Automation Enables Innovation

“Time is currency. Be careful how you spend it.” – Byron L. Reeder Every second spent on manual processes is a second taken away from potential revenue. Every day, scientists are racing the clock between sample preparation, running experiments, analyzing data and much more. Juggling these responsibilities along with looming deadlines, while pushing for new […]