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Centrifuge-less Whole Blood Staining with Laminar Wash in Biosafety Cabinet


Immunophenotyping of whole blood samples using flow cytometry provides valuable information that is used in pre-clinical and clinical settings. Processing whole blood samples using centrifugation compromises sample quality due to low cell retention and viability. Especially when dealing with rare or sensitive immune cell populations, centrifuge-less Laminar Wash is a great way to retain these precious cells as much as possible.

In this video, you will get a full rundown on how to incorporate and maintain the Laminar Wash HT 2000 System into your whole blood processing workflow. As demonstrated by our scientist in the video, setting up of the Laminar Wash HT 2000 System is straightforward and priming is carried out easily as it is pre-programmed. In addition, the Laminar Wash HT 2000 System allows for whole blood samples to be processed entirely in the Biosafety Cabinet.

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