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Towards standardizing flow cytometry sample preparation protocols without centrifugation

We sponsored the May 13, 2021 installment of the flowcytometryUK society webinar, hosted by renowned flow cytometrist Derek Davies, Ph.D. of the Francis Crick Institute. Curiox Applications Scientist Noma Ngwenya and Charles River Laboratories Principal Scientist III and Flow Cytometry Core Director Christoph Eberle, Ph.D. discussed how Laminar Wash™ technology supports sample prep for flow cytometry without centrifugation.

Noma introduced Laminar Wash technology and Curiox solutions for flow cytometry, including recent data readouts from Cerevance, a clinical stage therapeutics company developing medicines for neurological diseases. Highlights include:

  • How Laminar Wash addresses barriers to quality and efficient sample prep (3:10) and how the technology works (4:15)
  • Specifics of Laminar Wash protocols in flow cytometry(7:18)
  • Laminar Wash instruments for streamlining and improving flow cytometry sample prep (11:27)
  • How Laminar Wash supported single nuclei sample prep and reduced antibody consumption for Cerevance (14:17)
  • An overview of a recent white paper published in conjunction with Charles River Labs (16:44)

Christoph shared how Laminar Wash has improved the flow cytometry workflow at Charles River. Highlights include:

  • An overview of flow cytometry experimental support and workflow at Charles River (20:57)
  • Adoption of Laminar Wash for processing tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in preclinical models (26:40)
  • Superior debris removal capability of Laminar Wash (28:16) and reduced cellular membrane rupture (29:50)
  • How titrating down staining antibodies with Laminar Wash helped uncover a staining artifact that ultimately reduced reagent consumption during flow cytometry workflows (31:48)

The two speakers also answered attendee questions (38:33).


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