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Laminar Wash HT2000 plus Buffer Exchanger Virtual Demonstration

This video demonstrates the daily operation and utility of the Laminar WashTM HT2000 system, outfitted with a buffer exchanger to facilitate automation. Comprised of a prepriatary 96-well “wall-less” plate and a robotic fluidics instrument, the HT2000 is the ideal solution to the reproducible and hands-free preparation of suspension cell samples for flow cytometry and single-cell ‘omics applications. Additionally, the HT2000 can easily be integrated with other automation solutions, including robotic plate handlers.

Supplementing the Laminar Wash plates with a large volume adaptor increases the loading capacity to 150 uL and enables direct sample acquisition on many flow cytometers.

Highlights of the video include (min:sec):

  • 00:15 Components Overview
  • 00:39 Connecting the Buffer Exchanger
  • 01:35 Laminar Wash Plate Overview
  • 02:01 Startup Maintenance: Priming
  • 02:36 Startup Maintenance: Calibration
  • 03:44 Preparing a Typical Staining Procedure: Laminar Wash Plate
  • 04:55 Preparing a Typical Staining Procedure: Large Volume Adaptor
  • 05:47 Flow Cytometry Acquisition: Compatibility with Optical Microscope
  • 06:03 Flow Cytometry Acquisition: Transfer to Tubes
  • 06:19 Flow Cytometry Acquisition: Direct Acquisition on Laminar Wash Plate
  • 06:54 Shutdown Maintenance

For more information on integrating the HT2000 system with other automation enabling technologies, visit the HT2000 product page or contact us.

Please also check out our Time-Motion Study comparing the HT2000 to standard centrifugation. For full walkaway capabilities, check out our AUTO1000 turnkey sample prep automation solution.

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